About US

About Shiba Guitar Club

Shiba is a private junior and senior high school in Minato ward, Tokyo, Japan.

Shiba Guitar Club is a club for the guitar ensemble, established in 1965.

We play variety of classic music, pop music, cinema music and so on by the guitar ensemble.

We mainly hold three concerts in a year; spring regular concert, summer concert in Shiba school festival, and winter concert.
Also, we join the guitar ensemble contests of Niibori Guitar or others.

We are very happy if you hear our recordings or watch videos.

About this blog

The aim of the blog is to collect and preserve the past programs, recordings, and videos of the Shiba Guitar Club to make a “library”.
This blog is managed by Arata, an OB of the Shiba Guitar Club, who graduated long long time ago :-p
If you have any comments or requests, contact me from the upper menu.

But because the manager of this blog is just an OB, this blog is not always up to date
Also, because I do not have the past music scores, I can not reply for the music score requests.